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The Jaw Still Speaking

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What is the cost of saving a life? When faced with violence and hate, should one respond in kind? How can one process the physical and moral casualties of war? And is it really possible to find love in a time of war?

During the battle for Mosul, I stepped out of my role as a photojournalist and into my other profession as a trauma nurse. Over the course of the nine month battle, I was part of a team that cared for thousands of civilian trauma victims coming from the front lines.

The Jaw Still Speaking chronicles my time in Mosul through journal entries and photos of places, spaces, and people involved in our small medical operation, wrestling with all of the above questions and more. 

Photos & text: Alex Potter

Edit and Design: Peter David Gross & Joshua David Watson

Afterword: Carol Guzy

Size: 8 1/4" x 5 1/8"

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